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My journey in food growing commenced in my early childhood, where I unknowingly absorbed the profound impact of watching my grandparents nurture backyard vegetables. The memory of grasping a crisp carrot, fresh from the earth, and relishing its nourishing flavor remains a cherished connection to nature. Little did I realize that those moments would pave the way for my lifelong passion.

Upon leaving school, I explored paths less conventional. University acceptance for Environmental Science was declined in favor of my perception that it might be dull and somber – a sentiment I now find amusing, considering my present fascination with the field. Instead, I pursued creativity, delving into Design and Floristry. Amidst this, I welcomed motherhood and marriage, all while honing my skills under a local florist's guidance.

Life's journey took a challenging turn, a period too painful to recount here. Yet, as they say, adversity fortifies the spirit. Armed with newfound strength, I embarked on my first significant business venture – Ironbark Espresso Bar. At just 24 years old, I dived into the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship, juggling motherhood and business ownership. The outcome? A successful endeavor that taught me invaluable lessons in community, resilience, and the power of determination.

Transitioning through the years, I started the Village Grocer in Carcoar – a vision to nurture a network of businesses revitalizing a dormant village. Collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs, we breathed life into the village, an unwitting foray into community-scale Permaculture.

Driven by this passion, I embarked on my Permaculture journey. Starting my study in this field with a Tafe course, merging theory with hands-on application.

As fate would have it, my journey found its way to a school farm in Orange, this is where i have spent most of my time for the past 3 years and where I guide students through Permaculture projects. Meanwhile, the Green Permaculture Carcoar evolved as my creative outlet – a space for handmade products, quality produce, and enlightening workshops. Today, after completing many more Permaculture courses and self directed education I revel in a thriving vegetable patch, a contented couple of chooks, and a very exciting rural permaculture project in the works, continually growing my knowledge, all underpinned by the Permaculture philosophy..

My story resonates with resilience, evolution, and a profound connection with the land. It's a story that continues to unfold, with every new seed planted and every workshop conducted, nurtured by a love for the earth and a commitment to sustainable abundance.

I hope you all follow my journey (mostly documented on Instagram) and perhaps one day I will have the chance to meet you and/or inspire you on your own Permaculture journey. 

All the best wishes for you, Jo Howarth.

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